FINNOVATION 2019 : A collaboration for Digital Finance Transformation

24 Mar 2023 5 Minutes reading
The digital era disrupts almost all industrial sectors, including the banking industry. Banking services which began as electronic banking is now transformed into digital banking services. Industrial Revolution 4.0 emphasizes smart automation through discovery of future technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Blockchain, and so on. Digital economy can't be interpreted as a process to digitalize system or work activities. Moreover, the concept of digital economy as delivered by one of speaker in FINNOVATION 2019 (30/08), is an integration of business model, timing, top management support, and continuous improvement. In fact, the digital era brings out new business player which focuses on technology, like financial technology startup. Some of existing banking industry think of fintech startups as their competitor. The emerging startup technology can be used to substitute the existing business. Forbes survey shows that 84% of companies failed to do a digital transformation. Meanwhile, Tech In Asia Indonesia notes that 42% reason startup failure is their proposed product doesn't meet market needs. Then, as well as digital era disrupt anything, fintech also can be a threat for industrial banking. Nevertheless, some of the banking companies see fintech as an opportunity to create collaboration. is one of the startups that successfully collaborate with banking instance. BNI with all of its banking products collaborate with PT. Vascomm Solusi Teknologi which have technological capabilities means agility, continuous, and improvement to reach recipients of subsidies throughout Indonesia,” General Manager of BNI Bank. Anang said, with its banking product, collaborate with Vascomm which has technology capabilities (Agility, Continuous, Improvement) to reach subsidy recipient across Indonesia. Since 2016, we collaborate with BNI to provide a system of direct subsidies to the one in need. Another example, Agen46, collaboration with BNI to create a branchless banking system known as LAKU PANDAI. Discussion about digital finance transformation that has been held for 3 hours in Jogja Digital Valley (JDV) invited some digital business activists. They are DILO (Digital Innovation Lounge) which also became speaker in FINNOVATION 2019 event, Yogyakarta based startup, and Asosiasi Digital Kreatif Indonesia (ADITIF). It can be said that FINNOVATION 2019, brings up together digitalpreneur, institution, and participants which are mostly from millennial generation. There are also media partners that cover the event, like Harian Jogja and Kedaulatan Rakyat. itself is a startup incubated by PT. Vascomm Solusi Teknologi last year. Vascomm officially launched not a long time ago. Besides that, there are other services that will be released soon such as Virgo (Virtual Account Go) and Billers Hub. The second service category offered by is deployment. The scope of the services is financial engines such as branchless banking system, eWallet, and eMoney.

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