Getting Ready for These 3 Points before Applying Autodebet System

25 Mar 2023 5 Minutes reading
Once upon a time, we got a complaint message from Auto debit's user. He asked why his savings balance was automatically reduced. At that time, he felt uneasy because the only money he owned was suddenly deducted for payment of online health services. Quote from famous Indonesian economists, Rhenald Kasali, said that when the platform changes, then life moves. The case study above is indeed a small part of the problems that arose in the era of transformation. This is not a complicated matter, but a kind of adjustment from manual to the digital phase. Technology disrupts almost all human activities, including financial services. Nowadays, we can do all financial transactions quickly, easily, without any barriers. One of the digital banking solutions as an Autodebet system will streamline the payment process of monthly installments, insurance, and your children's education costs. The Autodebet service provides a more efficient payment system solution because the system runs automatically and is scheduled The advantages of Autodebet services offer benefits to users, for example, reducing the use of cash or penalty fees due to late payment. Even so, there are some essential things that we need to prepare before using the Autodebet service. First, make sure we understand what an Autodebet service is and how it works. We can find references about the Autodebet system through articles on the internet, books, or go directly to a bank that provides Autodebet services, such as BNI Autodebet. The second condition that we need to prepare before using the Autodebet service is a source of income. That is, we must have a fixed salary per month. The Autodebet system will automatically reduce the savings balance for each maturity date specified by the user. For example, if every month the user gets a salary every 25th, then he can submit a due date every 27th or two days after the salary is disbursed. If the user does not have a guaranteed income each month, the Autodebet transaction will automatically fail because the balance is not sufficient. In addition to not enough salt, several other factors cause Autodebet operations to fail. We shared it with other articles. Finally, doing financial planning for a year to make it easier for us to make expenditure projections. We can arrange routine expenses such as electricity bills, health insurance contributions, and education costs using the Autodebet system. While the remaining funds can be used for other purposes. So, we no longer need to set routine expenses, because everything is scheduled automatically. When we have prepared enough of the three points above, it's time to use the Autodebet service. Because enrolling in an Autodebet system is a smart decision to save and invest automatically.

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