Autodebet Service Growth Opportunities

26 May 2023 5 Minutes reading
Technology and penetration of internet usage through smartphones encourage business people to develop business models and services. One of them is developing a payment system that is fast, easy, and safe. The banking sector is revolutionizing its business model, one of which is by developing digital-based financial services such as auto-debit. The Autodebet system makes it easy for people to make transfers and payments automatically and systematically. Autodebet service simplifies people to manage routine expenses such as tuition fees, health insurance, online shopping installments, and social gathering. According to Autodebet monthly report data in our system, the number of participants is above20 thousand people, with a total transaction of 61,233. Mostly, Biller who use Autodebet service comes from the insurance sector, Multi payment, community, charity, health care, and other home mortgage loan. Of the total billers of BNI Auto debit, digital-based healthcare services are at the top with more than 3 thousand participants, second with a fitness center, and followed by insurance companies such as AXA Financial, and Ciputra Indonesia Insurance. Non-cash payment schemes with Autodebet system was not only used by businesses but also implemented on government policy. In Jakarta, for example, since 2015, the government has imposed a payment method of market trader levies or street vendors by auto-debit. BPJS Indonesia also use Autodebet service to reduce the cost of late participants pay arrears To sum up, Autodebet is part of digital banking solutions in the digital era. It will simplify every transaction quickly, easily, cashless, and systematically. So, Autodebet services will enhance people's lives using digital payment, won't it? We create and develop a simple-safe and smart way to provide everyone BRIGHT IT solution

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