What Makes Your Autodebet Transaction Failed?

23 Mar 2023 5 Minutes reading
As the previous article, one thing we need to prepare before using an Autodebet service is to understand the concept and its work system. The aim is to avoid the failure of Autodebet transactions. Based on the September 2019 Autodebet report we have, more than 50% of the status of the Autodebet transaction failed. Mostly, error messages are caused by insufficient funds. It means that the amount of balance available on savings does not match the nominal bill that has been set. The Autodebet system will automatically reduce the savings balance for each maturity and nominal agreed by both parties. To avoid the failure of the Autodebet process due to insufficient funds, we can alternatively set a schedule one or two days after the disbursement of monthly salaries. For example, if every month the user gets a salary every 25th, then he can submit a due date every 27th or two days after payroll date. Another factor causing the failure of Autodebet transactions is due to invalid digits. At the beginning of the Autodebet registration process, make sure the bank account number is correct, and the status is still active. Especially for third-party debiting / transfer, BNI bank offers an auto collection solution that is in the auto collection feature. The auto collection process can be done by the bank or the customer itself through the BNI Direct facility on the Autodebet feature. The last error message that causes many Autodebet transactions to fail is that the number or biller code is incorrect or not yet registered in the bank's Autodebet system. For this case, we need to find info on the list of billers who are participants of a particular Autodebet services. Another option is to ask the billers if he provides payment Autodebet systems for individual banks. For example, BNI, which has a total of more than twenty thousand Autodebet participants with total transactions above 50 thousand transactions. For a list of BNI Autodebet service billers, will be discussed in the next article. That was the main factor that caused the Autodebet transaction failure. There are still other factors that can make Autodebet transactions fail. Among them, because the account is closed, different nominal transfers, bills have been paid, and system maintenance.

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