How to optimize Instagram for Business?

23 Mar 2023 5 Minutes reading
Social media is a part of business strategy in digital era. In fact, social media user has increased every year. So, optimizing social media campaign will drive us to successful business goals. Facebook and Instagram, those channel has most user for these three years. Most business owner or any corporate should to optimize the two sosmed in order to make a profit or gain awareness. On sharing session held in Kasablanka City, Jakarta, speakers told some tips and trick to optimize Instagram platform. What else the tips? Let’s see Firstly, more specific to visual appeal. Generally, audience will get bored reading much content and too hard selling. Sometimes, they need to see creative, fresh, and insightful content in a short duration. “Duration does not determine achievement, “ said Dimas Anggakara, creative digital IG & FB for Indonesia. So what should we do is not to make videos more than 15 second. Just make it simple, short and make sense without double message. We can play with tempo, simple but meaningful scene and typography. Keep in mind that mostly internet user access from their mobile. So that’s why ads campaign must consider with it. The ads contain 80% visual and 20% can be text based. Secondly, create a content related to audience preferences. The next step after setting business goal is do some research. ‘what they need’ or ‘what they really like’ and so on. Optimize all Instagram business as IG TV, IG story and IG feed. Each of them has different treatment and rating algorithm. Ferdy Nandes, head of business development and UMKM Instagram said that 90% content in Instagram platform is for business. The idea of story content is various. It can be new product launch, Q & A, instruction or ‘how to’ content, and so many. Others, one same content or video will look different on story. How could it be? we just put a sticker, polling, or gift to the video. While for Instagram feed, remember to use location and hashtag. For the last, it should be unique and repetitive related to hashtag management strategy. A hashtag of course is not only for feed, but also can be applied to other feature in Instagram. So, the more repeat hashtag, more awareness we get in digital. Build good engagement with people who interact with our post. Like give quick respond for their comment (FAQ) or offer them a session for sharing. To sum up, update feed content first. Then, build engagement through IG story to see user’s behavior. After knowing their behavior, we can use IG live to build hype. All of those content can be placed on IG TV. Let’s see on analytics dashboard to take the insight. The last we can take an action is making ads campaign. But, before that make sure to set good system for direct message. Let’s play soft selling, informative and interactive technique to attract more people. A good quote to remember, “Make something intuitive related to your brand,” Ferdy said on Instagram academy event held in Kota Kasablanka’, Jakarta. The last, using business features for ads campaign. Facebook or Instagram ads manager is the answer. Why so? Because FB ads manager provide more creative format also complete metrics. The process start from setting goals or objective, target potential audience, and results monitoring. Finally, scale up business in digital era doesn’t just go without any concept and planning such operational, expert team, and management. Before scaling business up, we need to highlight 3 points: Know what your business goals (1) Know who your potential target and what they do need (2) Know what you want to do (3) Content is still the king in digital economy industry’. Whereas, millennial user is getting smarter. It's like an opportunity as well as a challenge for any business owner to create a content more attractive, simple, specific, and natural, not just selling. Social media is not like mass media. They are to tell a story, not reporting a news. It doesn’t matter to play with any platforms. Update the trends, explore more and make a content related to our brand, evaluate, then keep focusing. Keep in mind that sosmed trend is always changing, meanwhile ‘People will get bored with one particular social media’.

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