Summer BRIGHT Camp 2019

23 Mar 2023 5 Minutes reading
Doing leisure activities in the wild is a fun choice. Especially if the activity is carried out with friends, workmates, and beloved family. Yeah, we did it on SUMMER BRIGHT CAMP 2019, Vascommers. We need a little break from work routines to enjoy the new atmosphere outside. Then this year, we spent our togetherness moments in Banyuwangi, the very end city of East Java which is familiar with its natural tourist destination. The very first we went to Djawatan Perhutani. The location at Benculuk village, Cluring District. We do enjoy fresh air in the morning, also a fantastic landscape of large trees. It looks like The Lord of the Rings movie scene, doesn’t it! The next trip of Summer BRIGHT Camp 2019 we visited is Red Island beach on Sumberagung, Pesanggaran district. We took three hours to get there from the previous location. After enjoying some delicious and select lunch menu, the game started again. No matter the sun’s heat, the spirited and comical team were then fight to win the game. “Yeah, good job team,”. Day two is time for water recreation. The first destination is The Jagir waterfall or three in one water. There are three fountain in same area. After several minutes on multilevel streets, we’re rewarded with some of the memorable sightseeing from natural and green landscapes also water clarity. The second even last part of this summer BRIGHT camp is Basring Under Water. We play with water once again. Some tried to water sport as snorkeling or diving sports, and the others talk while eating tahu walik, a special snacks of Banyuwangi. For us, summer BRIGHT camp 2019 is not about having fun only. It was a meaningful moment that allows us to know each other at the same time, improve soft skills. Through fun game series and some broken bread, we learn about teamwork in real-life, goal setting and how to work smart, effective, and efficient. Summer BRIGHT Camp last time has re-energized us to do 2019 in the best mindset possible. We got some spirit enhancing quality and work productivity in the future. Because we great this quarter. But we still need to agile, scale-up and give the best for the next projects. An inspirational quote to keep in mind. ”Don't underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering,” Winnie the Pooh, World's Ambassador of Friendship.

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