How to Protect Your Site?

23 Mar 2023 5 Minutes reading
Internet users in Indonesia have increased significantly from year to year. The amount is even almost equal to the Indonesian population. One user is estimated to have five to 10 accounts that enter a username and password. Unfortunately, some people are unaware that they are making a mistake. As a result, user accounts are easily broken into by black hat hackers. In the past sharing session moment, Aldrich Christopher, Google's Webmaster Search Outreach, said that a site with a weak security system is vulnerable to hacking. According to Aldrich, the most common mistakes when making passwords are easy to guess. “Mostly they use a combination of names, sequential numbers, and birth dates,” said Aldrich Another ineptitude people do use one single password for all accounts. Let say one password for email account, social media, or online shopping platform. This trick makes it easy for users to use it because they don’t need to remember many passwords. Unfortunately, using the same password unknowingly for many accounts is too vulnerable. A black hat hacker can easily hack all accounts at once with personal data from only one password. There are several tips regarding security settings to protect sites from malware attacks. The first tip is by using Google Search Console. It is a free web-based service for publishers. Search console will help the publisher to monitor and maintain the position of the website in the Google search engine. Furthermore, Google can quickly take action when there is abuse on the web. The second trick is to change the site from HTTP to HTTPS. If a green-colored padlock icon appears in the address bar, it indicates that we’re opening an insecure location. It is a loud warning, especially for those who will do buying and selling transactions on e-commerce sites or online stores. Make sure not to include relevant data such as credit cards on sites that are still marked red. The last is to update browser to the latest version to get maximum services and protect related to their most recent system developments. Remember to backup every data on your storage. Preserving a site with a robust security system is the same as protecting our users from the threat of cyber crime. In a business context, data security is a crucial issue. As an IT solution, Vascomm build company reputation by providing data security guarantees for customer. One of Vascomm’s goals this year is getting ISO 27001 certification. It is essential to improve the quality standard by implementing data security for all operational systems. Vascomm wants to ensure flexibility, accessibility, and information security to customers.

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