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We’re currently in phase four-point O (4.0) which related to digital technologies. Indonesia has been implementing the industrial 4.0 revolution movement since the middle of the year. To assess industrial readiness of industry 4.0, Indonesian government launched Indonesia Industry 4.0 Readiness Index (INDI 4.0) program last April. Related to government campaign above, the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) represented by Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Industri (BPPI) had held a roadshow INDI 4.0 event in Surabaya. In that event, business people and stakeholders showed their achievements in implementing industry 4.0. The event that carries the topics of ‘Indonesia's Leading Industrial 4.0’ featured some unusual activities such as seminar, conference, success story, exhibition, and factory visit. Talking about success story, we got some insights attending roadshow INDI for those two days. First, there are three main points to implement technology 4.0 for any industrial sector. They are people, culture, and management commitment. “Its technology is easy, so the company needs to create even buy one. The challenge is precisely in the three main points. They are people, culture, and management commitment,” said Azka az zahidin, team leader IoT of Vascomm who attending withe the team at the INDI 4.0 Roadshow People Human resources are the main asset because they organize all of the business processes of the company. However, when digital comes, human work is primarily controlled by machines. Although it isn’t entirely right, the critical thing to be highlighted is that people need to aware of the latest technology. Let say our management is going to adopt digital technology for the monitoring process. So, people are expected to be able to read the data displayed by the digital system. Culture To stand on a cultural level, people must change their mindset first. A paradigm or mindset will shape character. Then, repeated characters will make a habit and finally, culture. In this context, the digital era shifts anything, including a culture. Some while digital paradigm causes culture shock, especially for those who are not part of the millennial generation Azka explained that monitoring and decision making are mostly directed to the digital system, no longer to people. Now people can monitor directly and real-time from the data system on their smartphone, without going to the location to check. This change takes time and more compliance. In other cases, people working in the automotive industry must be familiar with the use of VR (virtual reality) technology. They don’t need to hold the machine directly but check it by tab. It is straightforward simple, but need to get used. Management commitment All process of industrial 4.0 transformation is supported by management. It means that management might provide an integrated and sustainable program. For instance, some training that will scale up a technical skill which in line with technology 4.0 like big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain. Other commitments showed by regulation and the company’s policy regarding digital culture. The second insight we notice from the past event is that the process of tech adoption for each company is diverse. It all depends on their pain point. The step begins with doing situational analysis. It means listing all the company’s problems. Then, makea priority scale for those pain points. Once we get the insight, then we create or implement technology inline within the work process, which can be a problem solver. “From income inequality to climate change, technology will play a critical role in finding solutions to many of the challenges our world faces today. This year’s emerging technologies demonstrate the rapid pace of human innovation and offer a glimpse into what a sustainable, inclusive future will look like,” said Moch Abdul Azis from Infrastructure System and Security team of Vascomm who also attended the event.

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