Digital Payment for Cashless Society

23 Mar 2023 5 Minutes reading
Digital development has penetrated the financial sector and revolutionize the payment system. Data from Consumer Payment Attitudes Study 2016 showed that 80% of Indonesian people prefer to use electronic payments for their transactions. People are gradually moving towards a cashless society by adopting digital solutions for their purchases. In line with the fourth industrial revolution, the banking industry has evolved its business system. It is starting from electronic banking (1980-1995), online banking (1995-2007), mobile banking (2007-2015), and digital banking era (2016-…). Banking is initially as a product, and then it was positioned as a service. And now, banking transforms as a lifestyle. “To create digital products begins with social research. Based on customer’s insight, we’re now developing chat-based applications to attract millennials using our financial services,” said M. Faisal Jazuli, Senior Vice President of IT Solution and Security Division Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) on a sharing session. Digital transformation provides new opportunities for banks to offer multiple digital based payment system. Some examples are auto-debit, e-wallet, virtual account, e-money, and branchless banking. Let’s take an example of Auto debit system. It is an automatic balance reduction due to the customer's payment transaction. Auto-debit payment method enables customers to set payments for various bills automatically. The system can apply on credit card payments, health insurance, investment, education, charitable donations, and other monthly bill payment. They will also get used to paying bills on time, free from fines. Based on BNI Autodebet monthly report provided by Vascommn’s big data team, it shows that the number of participants and auto-debit transactions is growing. By the end of 30 August 2019, the total number of BNI Autodebet participants is 21.324, and complete transactions that occur as much as 49.238. On the other hand, a company or business owner could take advantage of using the auto-debit system. Some are ease of funds reconciliation, minimize transfer fee, and the accuracy of receiving funds. The fourth industrial revolution finally enables the use of digital tech and data for integrated financial transactions.

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