Career prospects in Digital Tech Companies

29 May 2023 5 Minutes reading
Digital technology for the next few years is still going to be trends for job seekers. This condition is in line with startup and enterprise growth, focusing on future tech as big data, IoT, AR, blockchain, robotics, and cloud engine. Citing online news portal,, Kamar Dagang dan Industri (Kadin) Indonesia noted that there are around 2 thousand startup businesses in Indonesia. The needs of an employee who master in technology are not only in demand by startups or kind of e-commerce companies. Other industrial sector as health, retail, education, tourism, and social services also recruiting graduates with a background in technology. Refers to the mapping result conducted by the University of Technology Sydney, there are particular job positions required in the digital era. They are programmers, web developers, IT consultants, software developers, business analysts, application architects, computer systems and network specialists, UI/UX designers, graphic design, and digital marketing. It’s a great way to have a career in the digital company, especially for those millennials people. They have different work rhythm than the previous generation. Millennials generation who are predominantly technologically savvy tend to like a dynamic work culture with flexible and remote working hours. They don’t need to be in the office all day. Meanwhile, the company provides freedom for employees to explore new ideas. They won’t be burdened by several formal rules that apply in large corporations in general. In terms of space interior design, tech company has unique concepts by following with corporate identity. For example, Vascomm. As an IT solution dominated by super energic and creative young people, Vascomm provides comfortable facilities for its employees. They managed open space workspace to simplify interaction between employees without the bulkhead. On the fourth floor of the main building, there are leisure facilities while doing light exercise. They are table tennis, foosball table soccer, dartboard, and relaxing couch complete with chessboard. To sum up, have a career in digital technology allows us to work while learning to develop skills. If you are one of those who are IT enthusiast, open to change, and like challenges, we suggest you join our team at vascomm. So, let’s find out some positions available by clicking

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