Internet of Things

25 Mar 2023 5 Minutes reading
In 2018, Ministry of Industry with Government of Indonesia start to planning the implementation of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Ministry of Industry create a roadmap and strategy called Making Indonesia 4.0. It was explained that Indonesia focus on building 5 main sectors such as food and beverages, textiles and clothing, automotive, chemicals and electronics. Development of 5 main sectors will be supported by advanced technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, robotics, and 3D printing. Ministry of Industry did not work alone to implementing 4IR, some startups and institutions also participate to implement 4IR in Indonesia. Startups will assist in research for development of technology products, and some institutions hold seminars for sharing knowledge about what is the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The Datanomic Institute (TDI) is an institutions that participates in implementation of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). On April 2019, TDI held a meeting forum with theme ID4.0: To Go There, Together. The purpose of this forum is to give knowledge about when, who, why, and how the implementation of 4IR in Indonesia. Vascomm as a IT Solution company which owns Internet of Things (IoT) product also participated in the ID4.0 meeting forum in Bandung. Vascomm has an Internet of Things (IoT) product called SITAMOTO, these products will help implementation 4IR on Smart City sector. SITAMOTO provides a centralized device, Central Control Unit (CCU), used to connect various electronic items in a home or office. SITAMOTO also provides a website or mobile apps that used to control the CCU and monitoring electricity usage. Implementation of SITAMOTO for Smart City can help improve the quality of life, security of citizens, and manage energy efficiently.

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