Shout It Out Loud

29 May 2023 5 Minutes reading
These past ten years, the world is in an uncertain condition caused by technology disruption. The uncertainty caused by technology disruption has forced people to always innovating their business in order to survive. The technology disruption has created new opportunities and new business model that combined with information technology. The strategy to survive the effect of the disruption is preparing the company roadmap and preparing the company’s human resources. The first step that Vascomm does to implement the strategy is to build an environment that encourages each employee to collaborate and innovate to solve the problems. Vascomm also encourages its employees to develop their leadership skills by letting them make decisions and taking risks. By creating a new leader, it is hoped that the leader can lead Vascomm’s new entity. Started in 2016, Vascomm established as an IT Solution company. In the first year, Vascomm is on the whispered. In 2019, Vascomm is already in the Longhorn phase. Vascomm’s goal in this phase is to Shout it Out Loud. To achieve the goal, Vascomm specifies the strategic plan that aligns with the goal. The strategic plan is broken down into more specific work plan. There are two important points that become a focus for Vascomm in 2019. The first point is Vascomm’s value and reputation as a credible IT Company. The employees are encouraged to become honest, highly skilled and innovate individuals. Those characters will become company culture. The second point is the new entity that Vascomm built. The new entity is Branchless System Vendor. Branchless banking provides financial services to micro customer segmentation. As an IT company, Vascomm’s main commitment is to give benefit to anyone who needs a solution. To give a bigger impact globally, Vascomm is starting an incubator company that helps people with ideas to solve problems and bring solutions.

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