Our client needs a centralized application to connected with their community and facilitate them to share article or latest news, work together, even make a donation. They also want the application have transactional features such as bill payments using their own e-money. The solution we provide for this case is Smart Community.

Vascomm Smart Community App

Smart Community

Smart Community allows the community to have a biller and payment system using their own emoney. smart community uses an e-money channel called e-money cobrand with an e-money source of fund belonging to one of our partners.
Make a Donation
Users can view the donation list, see the details, and make a donation
Add a Friends
Users can search and add friends who have registered as community members
Payment Using E-Money
Users can pay bills through mobile application using e-money

Smart Community also provides other non-transactional features such as read the latest news about the community and list of upcoming event.

Non-transactional features in application are managed by admin

Development Method

Smart Community development using the Agile method with the SCRUM framework. This method is used to accommodate changes more quickly and efficiently. At the end of the sprint a sprint review and subsequent planning sprint are conducted.
Weekly Sprint
Sprint begins with a sprint planning to plan the scope and features that will be worked on for a week
Daily Scrum
Daily scrum is held or a standup meeting to find out the daily progress of the development team

Development Period

Months Total Development Time
Phases of Development
We done Smart Community project for 5 months with two phases of development. Go live are carried out in the first and second phases.

Provided Services

Other than development the software, we also provided additional services for our client such as
time-icon Consultation services
time-icon On Premise Installation
time-icon Maintenance guarantee
time-icon On Premise installation