Our client wants to get in touch with every electronic devices inside the house. they want to access and control electronic devices remotely through a mobile application. Other than to control electronic devices such as to turn on or off, client also want to be able to see their power usage and conversion in currency.

Vascomm IoT App


Sitamoto is the solution that we provide for these problems. Sitamoto has Core Device called CCU which is the central point that connects every electronic device inside your house. After an electronic device is connected to the CCU, you can access, monitoring, and control the electronic device via a mobile application or website.
Add Device
Users can manually connect the device with the CCU so that it can be controlled
Device Scheduler
Users can set the time when devices automatically turn on or turn off
Electricity Consumption
Users can monitor the power usage of each device and its conversion in rupiah

Sitamoto Core Device or CCU is available in two types. One of them is called Single CCU which can be connected with several electronic devices, maximum of 16 devices.

Mini CCU which can only be connected to one electronic device.

Development Method

Our development mobile application and website for Sitamoto using the Agile method with SCRUM framework. This method is used to accommodate changes more quickly and efficiently. For Device we mass produce our Sitamoto Core Device.
Weekly Sprint
Sprint begins with a sprint planning to plan the scope and features that will be worked on for a week
Daily Scrum
Daily scrum is held or a standup meeting to find out the daily progress of the development team

Development Period

Months Total Development Time
Phases of Development
We have completed Sitamoto Apps and Webiste for more or less than 3 months. At the same time as making the Apps and Website, we also work on making Sitamoto Core Device.