The number of unbanked and underbanked in Indonesia are still high. This shows our level of financial inclusion is lower than other countries in Southeast Asia. For Indonesian Government dan OJK, it appears to be an issue. Therefore they come with Laku Pandai or branchless banking program to reach the unbanked and underbanked.

Branchless Banking

Branchless Banking

Our Branchless Banking system is able to provide banking services to public especially in rural area to reach unbanked and underbanked, which allows people to open saving accounts, saving and withdraw funds through intermediaries of bank merchants which might be their own neighbor or village head. There is no need to go to bank directly.
Open Account
Users can open saving account for others
Payment, Purchase, and Transfer
Users can pay bill, transfer to all bank accounts, and other online payment
Deposit and Withdraw
Users are able to withdraw and save customer's money

Our Branchless Banking system is fully developed, Indeed it's easily accessible by merchants anytime and anywhere. The access are not limited to web portal, but mobile portal as well for the ease of transaction.

Non-transactional features in application are managed by admin that enables them to manage transaction history, data customers and merchants, set profit for merchants, etc

Development Method

Branchless Banking system is developed using middleware that implement communication to link newer system with core banking system. It enables various distributed system to communicate and manage data quickly and efficiently.
Weekly Sprint, Daily Report
Sprint begins with a sprint planning to plan the scope and features that will be worked on for a week
Using Middleware to bridge the integration process

Development Period

Months Total Development Time
Phases of Development
We done Branchless Banking project for 2 months with two phases of development. Go live are carried out in the first and second phases.

Provided Services

Other than development the software, we also provided additional services for our client such as:
time-icon Consultation services
time-icon Onsite team during project
time-icon Maintenance guarantee
time-icon Feature Upgrade